Age of Ben

from Moccasin Bender by Randy Steele



This song is a piece of fiction.


Age of Ben

Melissa had a baby
When she was seventeen
But the state took him away
Because his blood wasn’t clean

She named him Perry
But they changed it to Ben
She never saw the face
Of that boy again

She was sent to rehab
By the 3rd circuit court
That place was a sieve
And it was easy to score

She punched some lady
Over a Cribbage win
They shipped her off to Kansas
To the Federal Pen

Ben was born in April
He was adopted in May
By some California ministers
Who took him out of state

Nobody mentioned that
He came with a glitch
You could cover him in aloe
But he was born with the itch

There were nights that felt like years where he’s calling for his momma.

They put him on the street
When he was fifteen years old
It led from Irvine then to Dallas
Atlanta and Orlando

He tried his best to find a
Way to fit in
But nobody seemed to care
About what happened to him

There were nights that felt like years where he’s calling for his momma.

Ben had always felt like he was
Missing a piece
A puzzle with a hole
An axle without grease

‘Till he found the needle
And that started the end
Of a short sad story
Titled the “Age of Ben”

There were nights that felt like years where he’s calling for his momma.

Goodbye little Perry
Goodnight little Ben
I hope you found what you were looking for in that opium.

I suspect it’s just the same old tale
Ps goodbye to Melissa
I hope your burning in hell


from Moccasin Bender, released July 12, 2018
Randy Steele: Guitar/Vocals
Rachel Moses: Vocals
Recorded and Engineered by Brett Nolan at The Soundry
Artwork by William Engerson and Michael Goins
Written by Randy Steele
BMI 2018


all rights reserved



Randy Steele Chattanooga, Tennessee

Banjo pickin' Singer Songwriter from Chattanooga Tennessee and frontman for Slim Pickins Bluegrass

2018 NewSong Leaf Festival Songwriting Competition Finalist. 2017 Blast On the Bay Upcoming Artist
16th Annual IMA Bluegrass Song Fan Winner for 'Mobile Soon"
16th Annual IMA Bluegrass album of the year Nomination
for "Songs from the Suck"
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